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Fired for Cause: Wrongful Termination?

September 20th, 2017 in Wrongful Termination


If you get what is called “downsized” from your job, you probably have been terminated without cause. In such a case an Ontario employer doesn’t need to tell an employee why he or she has been let go. Summary dismissal, or termination for cause, on the other hand, means getting fired. It can also mean that an employee has been the victim of wrongful termination.

When an employer fires an employee without giving him or her notice or pay in lieu of that notice, an employer must prove the employee has breached the employee-employer contract. It is incumbent upon the employer to prove its case. If they are taken to court, the employer must meet its burden of proof.


Those who are fired immediately lose their jobs and could suffer dire consequences. Such an event could be humiliating and damaging. Getting fired means the employee will not qualify for employment insurance (unless wrongful dismissal can be proved). Not only will a person suffer financially, but will also have to overcome the stigma of getting fired and perhaps may be difficult for the person to secure future employment.

Ontario residents who feel they are victims of being unjustly fired would do well to discuss their cases with a lawyer experienced in wrongful termination suits. In such instances, suing the employer is what usually would happen. A lawyer would help his or her client to show in court how the employer acted contrary to law. A lawyer will guide his or her clients in every step of the court process.

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