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Employment Law: Employers

At Vice & Hunter LLP, we deal with a variety of employment issues, acting for both employers and employees. We understand that employment law matters, particularly those involving termination, can be both legally challenging and emotionally charged for both sides.

We provide legal advice and representation for businesses and non-unionized employees.

We strive to protect employers from negative consequences by advising them of their obligations under the laws of Ontario and Canada and helping them work toward resolutions that will protect their interests while not exposing them to liability from employees.

Helping Employers

If you are a business owner, our lawyers can provide practical advice on many matters to help prevent disputes with your employees:

  • Recruitment and hiring policies, including the pros and cons of classifying new hires as employees or independent contractors, and the possible consequences of classifying them incorrectly
  • Negotiating and drafting employment contracts — including confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements — that will protect your interests while respecting the rights of your employees
  • Helping you ensure that your company’s human resources policies respect your employees’ rights and protect you from liability

If you are already involved in a difficult situation with an employee or employees, we can help you:

  • Deal with employment matters such as complaints of harassment, hostile workplace and discrimination
  • Follow appropriate procedures when terminating an employee, including keeping proper records of any wrongdoing by the employee, giving appropriate warnings and chances for improvement, and using acceptable disciplinary methods
  • Negotiate for appropriate settlements after terminating an employee
  • Draft documentation that will provide closure and finality to employment disputes

Although we can help you negotiate and come to mutually acceptable resolutions with your employees, part of our work also involves helping you determine when an employee’s actions or demands are excessive and court may be necessary.

If going to court is the best way to protect you, we will be thorough and vigorous in advancing your claim or defending you against employee claims.

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