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Legal Guidance For The Termination Of Employees

When ending a professional relationship with an employee, employers need to make sure they are careful. If the wrong things are said or done, it can lead to costly consequences for the business. Comprehensive legal advice is required to help you make the right decisions in termination proceedings.

At Vice & Hunter LLP, our skilled employment lawyers have helped employers throughout Eastern Ontario for over 40 years. Based in Ottawa, our legal knowledge ranges across a variety of industries, including government and public sector businesses.

Guiding You Through The Legalities Of A Termination

When you’ve made the decision to terminate an employee, our team can assist you with processing the termination. Our experience representing employers across a number of industries allows us to design legal procedures suited to your specific business.

Employees may also bring a wrongful dismissal or constructive dismissal claim against your company. Our goal is to make sure we minimize your liability in the matter, and minimize any payments claimed by the former member of your staff.

We will identify whether the termination violates any Ontario Human Rights Code provisions, confirm the presence of just cause, and determine if the termination may face any other discriminatory grounds.

Representing Both Sides Of The Table

Because we represent both employers and employees, we know what both sides of the argument look like. We leverage that knowledge to help you avoid the likelihood of litigation.

Vice & Hunter LLP will assist your company to adhere to the necessary legislative guidelines and any contractual provisions. We make sure you know the legalities behind your decisions, and what you may be liable for if the employee brings the matter to court. While we will defend your position on the matter in front of a judge, we aim to help you reach an agreeable settlement and avoid a costly trial.

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