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Estates, Estate Litigation & Elder Law

The loss of a loved one can be a challenging time filled with uncertainty and grief. Emotions can run high. In the middle of this difficult period, families are expected to deal with their loved one’s property and final wishes.

As our population ages, there is an ongoing transfer of wealth from older generations to younger ones. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this turn into an increase in estate disputes as relatives, already stressed by a painful, difficult period in their lives, disagree about the details of their loved ones’ Wills and the administration of their final wishes, and disagreements turn into legal disputes.

Settling Estates

At Vice & Hunter LLP, we know that many of these disputes could be prevented with competent,  drafted Wills and powers of attorney. Unfortunately, this is not always feasible and it may be too late by the time you come to us.

We can help you decide what to do if your family is in disagreement. Whether you are a trustee or family member of the deceased, we can help you decide whether it is advisable to dispute the validity of a problematic Will or the administration of the Will.

Our estate litigation and elder law lawyers will:

  • Answer your questions about Ontario estate and elder law and explain your rights and options as a beneficiary, potential beneficiary or trustee
  • Discuss claims against the estate, including claims of unjust enrichment and dependant’s relief claims by people who provided services for the deceased, expecting some compensation, or people who were dependant on the deceased but have not been adequately provided for
  • Determine whether or not probate has been granted, and discuss how that affects your position
  • Discuss passing of accounts, in which a trustee must present his or her actions for review and legal ruling

We will take into account your family’s needs, in terms of the family relationships and the money and property that may be at stake. Unless the estate is substantial, there is only a limited amount of property available. The longer and more complicated the dispute, the less of the estate will remain. We are aware of this and will represent you efficiently to minimize the expense.

In addition to estate law, we can also help guide seniors and their families through legal difficulties regarding health, incapacity, financial exploitation, nursing home abuse and neglect, retirement planning, age discrimination, caregiver issues, and other elder law matters.

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