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It is important to understand the financial implications of a severance package and to ensure that the package is fair and in line with industry standards. This tool will help you know what you could be entitled to.

Depending on the circumstances of the termination, there may be legal requirements that must be followed when offering a severance package. For example, certain types of employees may be entitled to a minimum amount of severance pay under state or federal law.

We can help you negotiate a fair severance package that is legally compliant.

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Thank you for using our customized severance calculator. Though this can help give you an estimate, every case is different.

Factors that can impact your results

  • Did you sign an employment contract?
  • Were you poached from a previous job?
  • Were you fired while on leave, parental leave or disability?
  • Did you sign a non-compete clause that prevents you from further employment?
  • Do you expect to find a new job quickly?

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*Please note: The severance calculator is provided to offer general information, and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Using the severance calculator does not establish a solicitor-client relationship with Vice and Hunter LLP. Notice pay is also subject to the employee’s legal obligation to mitigate their damages by seeking comparable work during the notice period. This legal principle can be explained in greater detail by one of our employment lawyers.

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