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A “catastrophic injury” sounds very dramatic, as though it must involve permanent devastating disability, or even death.

In Ontario, “catastrophic injury” is simply a legal term that means your losses from an injury are higher than normal. It means that the upper limit on what your insurance company is required to give you is significantly higher than the limit for non-catastrophic injuries.

Many people wrongly agree to let their insurance company label their injuries “not catastrophic” soon after they are injured, believing that they will heal quickly. The limit of compensation for non-catastrophic injury may seem reasonable at the time.

It is not until too late that they realize that their injuries are more severe than they first believed, or that their recovery is not as fast as hoped, and that their expenses are far higher than they could have expected.

Before speaking to your insurance company, speak to our lawyers. Protect yourself.

Dealing With Catastrophe

Catastrophic impairment critically affects your ability to work and to take care of yourself and your family. Even dressing and driving may be difficult. Costs for medical care and rehabilitation may be high, and may include needing your home and vehicle modified.

Our lawyers can help you access the benefits you will need. We will insist that your injuries be treated with the seriousness they deserve by insurance companies. We can also help you access qualified professionals who can help you get the medical and rehabilitative assistance you need.

Your injuries may include:

  • Brain and spinal damage, possibly resulting in paralysis or brain damage
  • Amputation or permanent impairment of a limb
  • Lifelong changes to your mental or physical abilities
  • Blindness
  • Severe psychological injury

Not all of these are obvious as catastrophic, even to the person who has been injured. Talk to us and let us help you remain eligible for the compensation you may need if your injuries do not resolve themselves quickly.

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