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Fight Back Against Disability-Based Discrimination In The Workplace

If you suffer from a disability and employers decide to terminate your employment, or change their treatment towards you, you may be experiencing disability-based discrimination.

At Vice & Hunter LLP, our employment lawyers represent disabled employees who are fighting for equal and fair treatment in the workplace. Based in Ottawa, we offer over 40 years of legal experience to clients throughout Eastern Ontario.

Supporting Your Right To A Comfortable Workplace

There are provincial and federal laws that protect your right to a discrimination-free workplace. We leverage our extensive knowledge of employment laws to help you pursue effective compensation after a wrongful termination or constructive dismissal situation.

Our team will investigate whether your employer made efforts to accommodate any reasonable requests to improve your working conditions while you were employed. If you can still perform your job without causing undue hardship to your boss, you should be allowed to do so.

Building An Effective Case For You

At Vice & Hunter LLP, we provide a frank, candid assessment of your case. We separate the frustration, anger and other external noise from the key issues so we can focus on what really needs to be addressed in your case.

We have practiced employment law since 1975, and can go head-to-head with large firms to defend your rights. Our team of lawyers, clerks and paralegals know the legislation, the legal process and how to build and develop your case effectively.

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