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General Litigation

Fighting For Your Rights In Civil Litigation Cases

Civil litigation cases are non-criminal matters that involve disputes between private parties and organizations — including government departments. These disputes can arise from many situations, including:

Located in Ottawa, the litigation lawyers of Vice & Hunter LLP have represented clients in all levels of court throughout Eastern Ontario.

Protecting Your Interests Throughout The Legal Process

Our goal is to assist you with righting a wrong, honouring an agreement, settling a dispute and getting you reasonable compensation after an accident.

We recognize that civil litigation can be stressful for our clients who often have no experience in these areas. We strive to explain the processes and provide realistic assessments of success to reduce the number of unknown factors facing our clients.

Tailoring A Legal Solution That Focuses On You

Our legal team is quick to identify the real issues at the core of your situation. We start by offering an objective legal evaluation, separating the noise from the legal issues so you can focus on what needs to be addressed. Vice & Hunter LLP offers legal advice customized to your specific needs, both from a legal perspective, and a realistic, life impact so you know what options you can pursue, and what the potential outcomes might be.

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