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The City of Ottawa is committed to intensifying land use, in an effort to maintain our green spaces and prevent urban sprawl. Ottawa and many surrounding municipalities encourage projects that promote the best use of the land. These projects sometimes require environmental studies, rezoning applications, expropriations and other regulatory processes.

These can be difficult to understand and carry out, particularly when they involve various regulatory entities.

At Vice & Hunter LLP, we have appeared before municipal planning committees, municipal councils and municipal boards all over eastern Ontario, and have helped developers and municipalities deal with all aspects of land development. We have successfully gone to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (formerly the Ontario Municipal Board) and the Courts when decisions have been made against our clients’ interests.

Our lawyers are familiar with the processes, the people involved in getting approval of your projects, and the needs of developers of all sizes. We can help you whether you are building large, complicated projects or smaller developments on fewer than five lots of land.

We have also represented municipalities and homeowners in many disputes. We can help you better understand the priorities and motivations of the other side, and help you focus on the heart of the dispute, rather than being distracted by matters that can be easily resolved.

Making It Work

We will work with municipalities to meet your needs and resolve complications for many development matters, including:

  • Zoning
  • Land development approvals
  • Setbacks
  • Parking
  • Height limitations
  • Official plan amendments
  • Minor variance and severance applications
  • Resource development applications
  • Environmental issues
  • Compliance with regulations

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Our lawyers help clients carry out land development projects throughout the Ottawa Valley and Eastern Ontario. Call us at 613-701-0898 or 866-252-0670 toll-free or fill out our online form below.