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Motorcycles are in greater danger than other vehicles on the road due to their size and to the fact that their owners don’t have a metal frame surrounding them. Other vehicles also often drive without regard for motorcycles, and may collide with them while going through intersections or changing lanes.

Motorcycles are also associated with recklessness. In a motorcycle accident, witnesses and investigating police may assume that a motorcyclist was at fault, especially if any kind of speeding is involved, and may not be inclined to make sure that the facts are fully explored before assigning blame.

At Vice & Hunter LLP, our lawyers will gather information, examine police reports and pictures of the scene, speak to witnesses and investigate all aspects of the accident.

If you are fully or partially at fault, we can help you access accident benefits from your insurance company. If the other driver is partially or fully at fault, we will vigorously pursue a tort claim on your behalf.

Dealing With The Damage

Injured bikers may deal with more severe and life-changing injuries than many other accident victims. Catastrophic injuries are common, as is severe head or spinal damage. Many motorcyclists are also relatively young. If severely hurt or disabled, they may face a lifetime of losses and expenses due to:

  • Medication, hospitalization and rehabilitation
  • Modification of house or car to deal with disability
  • Loss of future potential income
  • Costs of nursing or personal care for yourself or your family

In addition to fighting to make sure you get the benefits and compensation you deserve from your insurance company, we can also help you heal or adapt to your injuries. We can refer you to physiotherapists, counsellors and a number of other trusted medical professionals in your area.

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