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Sometimes questions arise about our elderly loved ones’ capacity to make decisions relating to their own finances and care. It may be as a result of a sudden illness, like a stroke, or it may be due to the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s. If your loved one does not have a Power of Attorney for Property or Personal Care, you may be unable to assist them with their finances or making choices regarding their care. In their time of need, you may not be able to help.

In this type of situation, an application for a Consent and Capacity Hearing through the Consent and Capacity Board of Ontario may be required to allow you to take responsibility for your loved one, in order to look out for their best interests. Unfortunately, there are predators out there, who will take advantage of a vulnerable person.

Unfortunately, the application process can be difficult to navigate and it can be emotionally taxing for the family involved. At Vice & Hunter LLP, we can help you through the process. You can rely on our experience and empathy to guide you through the correct channels and paperwork to achieve the best result for your loved one.

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