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Most of us take driving for granted. It’s a daily activity that we don’t really think about, unless something goes very wrong.

When something does go wrong, in a matter of seconds your entire life may change. Then, what do you do?

A car accident may result in extensive property damage and physical harm, particularly if your injuries are catastrophic. Damage may include:

  • Head and back injuries
  • Broken bones and sprained joints
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression, PTSD and other psychological effects

In an instant, your ability to work, move, take care of your family and live the life you had before may change dramatically, possibly forever.

Taking Back Control

It can be difficult to know what to do following a car accident. In addition to dealing with hospital and rehabilitation, you may have to take time off work, find someone to take care of your home and family, and deal with insurance companies. You will also have to apply for benefits and decide whether or not to pursue damages against the other party in the accident.

All of this can be overwhelming and confusing, at a time when you are least able to deal with it. The situation may feel out of your control.

Our lawyers can help you take back control. We will:

  • Listen to the facts of your accident and go over any issues of fault
  • Explain all of your rights and options
  • Be persistent in pushing for your rights, making sure you receive the benefits you are entitled to from your insurance company
  • Help you decide whether to pursue a lawsuit against the other party, and pursue the full extent of the damages you are owed
  • Answer all of your questions

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