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Fight Back Against Gender- And Age-Based Discrimination

You have the right to work in an environment where your age and gender should not affect any decisions regarding your salary, hours or your job description. If your age and gender affect any employment decisions, you may be facing a situation of workplace discrimination.

At Vice & Hunter LLP, we help employees fight back against prejudicial actions from employers, or fellow employees. Based in Ottawa, we offer solid legal advice to clients throughout Eastern Ontario to support your claim — taking the matter to trial if necessary.

Protection For Employees Of Any Age Or Gender Identity

Our lawyers have over 40 years of experience applying employment legislation to cases of age- or gender-based discrimination.

Our legal team knows how to use existing legislation to protect employees against discriminatory practices, such as forced retirement, or terminations during maternity or paternity leave. An employer may not like applying certain employment benefits, but that should not affect your right to use them. This also applies to situations involving disability claims.

A Safe And Confidential Environment

At Vice & Hunter LLP, we understand how sensitive issues of age and gender discrimination can be. We offer a safe, confidential setting so you can speak freely about your situation.

We’ll start by listening to your story, and identifying the key legal issues present. We then outline how Ontario legislation applies to your case, and the types of outcomes you can expect to see. Our legal team will then explain how we can assist you with pursuing your goals with a personalized legal strategy designed specifically for your unique situation.

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