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Legal Support For Employers On Recruitment And Hiring

It can be frustrating for employers to settle disputes with employees and applicants regarding hiring practices and contractual provisions. In order to avoid the risk of litigation, you need a legal team with the range of experience to advise you on drafting effective employment contracts that are fair, reasonable, and protect your interests.

At Vice & Hunter LLP, our employment lawyers have over 40 years of employment law experience. Based in Ottawa, we offer legal advice and support to employers throughout Eastern Ontario on their hiring and recruitment services.

Meeting Hiring And Recruitment Standards

Our legal team understands the complexities of the hiring and recruitment process. We will assist you with identifying and eliminating any potential liabilities that could affect your business during the hiring process.

With decades of employment law practice and knowledge, we know how to assist you with drafting effective employment contracts. We have industry-specific knowledge to help you avoid provisions that violate the Ontario Human Rights Code during the hiring and recruitment process.

Drafting Termination Clauses

An important aspect of an employment contract is the termination notice clause. This can impact the outcome of a wrongful dismissal case. At Vice & Hunter LLP, we offer solid legal advice on the types of clauses you can implement – they may be different for an executive position versus an entry-level position – and help you draft provisions that are fair and compliant.

Our legal team understands the complexities involved with termination clauses, including terms that limit the notice period to meet legislative requirements. We will assess what is lawful, what can be challenged, and how to best protect your interests as an employer when reviewing your employment contracts.

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