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Advocating For Non-Unionized Public Servants After A Dismissal

If you are a non-unionized public servant, and you worked for more than a year before a termination, you may have a claim under the Canada Labour Code for a wrongful dismissal. While protecting the rights of a public servant may follow different procedures than the private sector, you still have the right to adequate notice and sufficient compensation pay.

At Vice & Hunter LLP, our legal team thoroughly understand the provisions of this federal code, and how to apply them to your case. We have represented wrongfully dismissed employees – both private and public – throughout Eastern Ontario for over 40 years.

The Power To Reinstate An Employee

One of the authorities given to arbitrators for claims brought by wrongfully dismissed non-unionized public servants is the power to reinstate an employee. This is not a power granted to regular judges for regular claims of wrongful dismissal.

Therefore it is essential that your claim be represented by lawyers who understand the issues facing non-unionized public servants. Based in Ottawa, Vice & Hunter LLP see a variety of claims brought by federal employees. We understand how to effectively apply the Canada Labour Code to these cases.

The Complexity Of Non-Unionized Public Servant Proceedings

Arbitrators of these proceedings also have the authority to award lost wages from the date you were dismissed. They may also decide to award legal fees to the employer. However, due to the power to make such remedial decisions, arbitrators carefully scrutinize each case and review every detail.

At Vice & Hunter LLP, we understand the intricacies of navigating clients through non-unionized public servant proceedings. We know what information to gather to build a strong claim. Our lawyers will provide you with a frank assessment of your situation, and let you know the legitimacy of your case, and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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