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Has one of your elderly parents remarried in their golden years? Do you or your parent have concerns that this is a predatory marriage? How long did your parent know his/her spouse before agreeing to get married? What money and assets did the spouse bring into the relationship? Is your parent suddenly paying for everything and living a more lavish lifestyle than previously? Are you concerned that your parent may spend more money than he/she can afford to at this point in their lives? Is your parent unhappy in the relationship, but feels trapped by his/her spouse? Sadly, there are individuals who will take advantage of an elderly person in an effort to reap the benefit of their victim’s retirement savings and property.

In situations such as these, Vice & Hunter LLP can help disentangle your loved one from a predatory marriage. Special considerations may be required if your loved one has capacity issues. In cases such as these, Vice & Hunter’s years of experience can help guide you and your parent through what may be a difficult and emotionally challenging process. Our goal is to assist you or your loved one with these legal challenges, while maintaining their sense of dignity and integrity.

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