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Defective products cause more injuries than most people realize. Most of us have heard of lawsuits involving vehicles, toys and medication. We may not realize that negligence on the part of manufacturers, stores and service providers can cause serious injury and property damage from a range of products and services that you might not expect. These include:

In some cases, it may be difficult to determine the cause of your injury or the parties responsible. The fault may lie in the design, manufacture, distribution or servicing. Your insurance company may inform you that without knowing the real source of the breakdown, it cannot cover the damage.

Taking Responsibility

At Vice & Hunter LLP, we will do our best to determine who is at fault, and hold the guilty parties responsible by pursuing them for damages. We will also pursue a claim against your insurance company if you are not receiving the benefits you are entitled to.

We will also help you determine the extent of your losses, which may include:

  • Property damage to your vehicle or to your home, and cost of repairs
  • Loss of time from work
  • Rehabilitation or adaptation if your injuries are catastrophic
  • Costs of taking care of your family, if you are unable to

Our firm has excellent working relationships with local health care and rehabilitation professionals who can help you recover, or help you adapt if your injuries are permanent. We can help you access our resources.

Talk to our lawyers. Let us determine the cause of your injury and the parties responsible. Let us help you get the assistance you need.

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