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Many recreational activities have some element of risk to them. It’s part of the attraction. Whether you’re off-road biking, mountain climbing, on a Ski-Doo or participating in fast-paced team sports, the thrill is in coming through safely despite having risked injury.

Recreational activities result in injuries more often than many people realize. Often, the injuries are not serious, and nobody pursues compensation because they assume that they agreed to certain hazards when they participated in the activity.

However, there are some dangers nobody agrees too, and some injuries we should not have to accept.

Whether an accident results in broken bones or ligaments; brain or spinal injuries; damage to eyesight or hearing; amputation, scarring or disfigurement; catastrophic injury; or wrongful death, our lawyers can help you access insurance benefits. We can also help you find trusted professionals in the area, including physiotherapists and counsellors, who can help you heal or adapt to your injuries.

We can also help you determine whether you should pursue compensation.

How Much Risk It Too Much Risk?

Although a certain level of risk is acceptable and inevitable, you should be able to feel confident that:

  • Recreational vehicles are properly designed and maintained
  • Sports equipment is properly designed and maintained
  • Schools, arenas, playing fields and roads are properly maintained
  • Coaches and referees have sufficient training to keep participants safe
  • Other participants follow the rules
  • Those in charge have procedures in place to enforce the rules
  • Procedures are in place to deal with injuries, especially for activities in which injuries are likely

Our lawyers can examine the details of your accident to determine whether proper precautions were taken in your case. If there was any negligence or wrongdoing, we will seek compensation on your behalf. You should not have to pay for someone else’s mistakes.

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