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Municipal Law

Municipal Law, Land Development And Expropriation

Land development in the Ottawa region can be complicated and challenging. A great deal of money is often involved, and a great deal of cooperation is required between agencies and administrative offices of all kinds. Delays and breakdowns in the process are common.

A lawyer who is familiar with the realities of land development and can help you through these challenges can mean the difference between success and failure.

At Vice & Hunter LLP, we have several decades of experience serving a wide range of clients in this field. We have successfully represented individual homeowners, large and small developers, and municipalities.

Land Use Services

As one of the few firms in Ottawa that is familiar with municipal issues, we can be of unique value to you. We have close working relationships with various municipal agencies and individuals, and can use those relationships to help you.

Whether dealing with expropriation, rezoning, land development approval, variances, conservation issues or other matters, we can be a positive force that helps all sides cooperate and reach a positive resolution.

Our services include:

  • Land development: The City of Ottawa is committed to intensifying land use, and generally encourages infilling and other projects that promote better use of land. However, regulatory processes — including rezonings — are often complex and confusing to navigate. We help developers of all sizes, from those handling large complex projects to developers looking to build on a smaller scale.
  • Expropriation: We help individual homeowners get the best possible compensation for their land and related losses. You do not have to worry about your legal fees, as they are generally paid by the authority seeking to expropriate your land.
  • Municipal law: We help clients through a variety of processes, including severance applications, development assessments and litigation. We appear regularly before planning committees, councils, Committee of Adjustment hearings and the Ontario Land Tribunal (formerly OMB and LPAT), and can help you appeal decisions before the board and the courts.

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