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Drafting Effective Human Resources Policies

Let your employees know their concerns and their rights matter. Ensure your company has a clear procedure in place for claims of sexual harassment, discrimination, and other violations of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

At Vice & Hunter LLP, we can help you meet your obligation as an employer to offer a safe and comfortable work environment for your staff. Based in Ottawa, our legal team offers legal support and advice to employers across Eastern Ontario to draft and update their human rights policies.

Applying Fair Human Resource Policies To Your Workplace

As an employer, if you receive a complaint regarding harassment, bullying, or unfair treatment in the workplace, your company should have a fair, confidential procedure in place to investigate the issue.

At Vice & Hunter LLP, our lawyers can assist you with how to navigate through these issues. If disciplinary action is required, we can advise you on what is legal to implement, and how to proceed with the action.

We will also offer you legal support to update any human resource or privacy policies to reflect updated values and practices.

Team Approach Equals Cost-Effective Services

We can appreciate that employers want to keep their legal fees low. So we offer a team approach to drafting and advising on your matter.

Our employment lawyers offer comprehensive legal advice, while our team of clerks and paralegals perform routine tasks at a lower rate, reducing your legal expenses.

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