Spotting the subtler signs of elder abuse in Ontario

July 30th, 2018 in Elder Abuse


Sometimes the signs that a senior citizen is in trouble can be very subtle, while in other instances it can be absolutely glaring. It’s important for people to be able to spot those subtleties when it comes to elder abuse in Ontario. It could mean saving the life of someone vulnerable.

Abuse can take many ugly forms. A senior doesn’t have to be bruised and battered to be suffering from abuse. Often the signs go unnoticed. These can range from such things as over-sedation and dehydration to depression, anxiety and isolation. Taking advantage of a senior financially can also be considered abuse. 


Sadly, elder abuse is much more common than many people realize. Loved ones should note any changes in behaviour that may indicate something is amiss such as confusion, withdrawal, anger, aggression. In addition, if the senior is being sexually abused, family members should ask about pain or bleeding in the genital area or frequent urinary tract infections. In most of these instances, the authorities should be involved, especially when a person’s life is in danger. Also, if the victim is incapacitated, a guardian may need to be appointed by the court.

Elder abuse is against the law. Family members may need to act aggressively and quickly in many of these cases. An Ontario lawyer may be able to help elder abuse victims and their loved ones by providing guidance regarding the compensation process. A lawyer experienced with elder abuse issues may be able to provide advice on what to look for to prove the abuse and what steps to take to minimize the effects of abuse.