Employee rights: Teen gets thousands in sexual harassment case

April 10th, 2018 in Employee Rights


A teen who said she experienced sexual harassment at the hands of her boss has been awarded $75,000 by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. The then 15-year-old intern accepted an internship at an Ontario tattoo parlour where she said her employee rights were violated and where she was the victim of sexual harassment by her boss, the owner of the shop who also happened to be the husband of her mother’s best friend. The woman, who is now 19, said her boss began to make sexual comments while she was in the shop and allegedly asked her questions of a sexual nature that made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

The woman also said her boss also offered her a free tattoo in exchange for sexual favours and that his comments eventually turned into sexual assault. The man, who pleaded guilty to sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching, had a charge of sexual assault stayed. He spent a couple months in jail and was granted probation. 


The woman said the harassment and assault profoundly affected her life including her social life. She said she stopped drawing and gave up the dream of becoming a tattoo artist. The tribunal adjudicator said the teenager’s dreams were taken away from her by the accused.

Employee rights can be violated in a number of ways. Employees who believe their employers have done them wrong legally may get prudent guidance and advice from a Ontario lawyer who may be able to suggest the steps to take to pursue compensation. A compassionate lawyer might be able to help his or her clients who have had the rights violated, to obtain some sort of closure. 




Source:, “Ontario Human Rights Tribunal Awards $75K To Teen Sexually Harassed As An Intern“, Emma Paling, March 30, 2018