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Legal Pot May Affect Municipal Law

November 21st, 2017 in Municipal Law


Municipalities are still trying to process how legalized pot will play out in their jurisdictions. Ontario municipal law could be affected by what the province proposes regarding the sale of cannabis. One of the regulations includes the age at which an individual could purchase marijuana legally, which will be 19 years — as it is with cigarettes and alcohol. The age will also pertain to possessing the drug, growing it at home and using it.

Ontario will be selling pot through a subsidiary of the LCBO. There will be about 150 stand alone stores open by 2020 — 40 by 2018 and 80 by 2019. There will also be online ordering available. Ontario is hoping the legalization of pot will put illegal operations out of business.


In terms of how municipalities fit into the picture, the province is limiting where individuals will be able to use cannabis — and that is only in their residences. Recreational pot won’t be allowed in public areas, workplaces or in vehicles. The Ontario government says it plans to consult with municipalities and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario as well as other organizations to discuss the possibility of introducing other places where people could use the drug recreationally.

Governments — federal, provincial and municipal are treading lightly when it comes to this foray into legalized, recreational cannabis use. Some areas of municipal law may have to be rewritten or entirely fashioned. Ontario lawyers will be on top of all new legislation concerning the legal use of pot. Those who have questions as pot becomes legal in their cities, might want to talk to a lawyer as the roll out happens.

Source:, “Ontario’s Plan to Regulate Legalized Cannabis“, Nov. 1, 2017