Group focuses on reducing deaths involving motor vehicles


When most people think about collisions involving motor vehicles, they likely think about crashes with other vehicles. While these incidents do occur, and can result in serious injuries to those involved, there are other situations in which a vehicle could inflict harm on individuals. Examples of these situations include crashes in construction zones and those that involve pedestrians.

Readers may be surprised about just how often incidents involving vehicles and these situations in Ottawa occur. In the four years between 2010 and 2014, a total of 873 collisions in construction zones occurred. As a result of these incidents, 225 injuries were reported. Even worse, one individual died.


The outcome during that same period was even worse when pedestrians were involved. During that four year period, 1752 collisions with pedestrians were reported. While here again, injuries were suffered by 225 people, as compared to accidents in construction zones, many more–36–individuals died in pedestrian accidents.

In an effort to try to reduce the number of these incidents that occur, the Safer Roads Ottawa Program is taking action. Specifically it is seeking to do this via:

  • Culture change
  • Community engagement
  • Development of sustainable safe transportation

Multiple entities are assisting in the initiative including the Public Works Department, Ottawa’s Public Health Ottawa Police Service, Ottawa Paramedic Service and Ottawa Fire Services.

Individuals who are hurt in either an accident in a construction zone or as a pedestrian should be aware they may have legal options. A personal injury lawyer can help determine whether this course of action makes sense based on the specific situation.