Spinal injury victim uses thoughts to move hand

May 3rd, 2016 in Spinal Cord Injuries


There are many serious types of injuries that someone who is involved in an accident might find that he or she is facing. Spinal injuries are undoubtedly some of the most serious. In the worst cases these could lead to the loss of the use of all four limbs. Once suffered, currently there is little that can be done to undo the injury. As a result, researchers are constantly looking for new treatment procedures. Recently, promise was found in the use of a system that works by reading the mind of the injured person.


The system involves the use of a neuromuscular electrical stimulation cuff which is placed around the forearm of the spinal injury victim. The “neural bypass” system to which the cuff is connected, decodes signals received from sensors located in the brain. Using the system, a man who broke his neck in a diving accident was able to move his hand simply by thinking about it.

While it could be many years before this process is able to be widely used, the recent success is likely encouraging to all who have been impacted by a spinal injury.

Living with a spinal injury can dramatically change the lives of those impacted and they could also cause a great deal of expense in dealing with it. When the negligence of another person is to blame of the incident that caused the injury, it may be possible to take legal action against that party. The sooner a personal injury lawyer is consulted regarding the matter, the better.