Brain Injury & Varied Living Situations

May 24th, 2016 in Brain Injuries


People hear about serious accidents that result in head injuries, all the time. Less often however, is information communicated about the outcome of these incidents. While there are times when those who suffer the injury recover with few, if any, lingering effects, in other situations, the person who was hurt may not ever completely recover. Life for those individuals, and their loved ones, will never be the same.

What the living situation will be for someone following a serious brain injury will vary depending on each person’s circumstances. In some cases it makes sense for that person to live with close friends or family members who can provide the care needed. Other times however, people may want, or need, to live in other situations.


To provide people in this situation the opportunity to live independently from loved ones, there are some facilities designed specifically for those who are living with an acquired brain injury. At these facilities, assistance and care is available to residents 24-hours a day.

Regardless of where someone with a brain injury ends up living, the costs associated with the arrangement can be expensive. When ongoing treatment is also needed, living expenses can quickly mount. It can be difficult to know where the money will come from to cover these expenses.

When the negligence of another person contributed to the incident that resulted in the injury, a personal injury lawsuit could be appropriate. A lawyer can be of assistance in determining whether this course of action makes sense.