Do snow tires prevent car accidents?

December 15th, 2015 in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents


Most people in Toronto, Ontario, want to do everything they can to prevent motor vehicle accidents from occurring. While there are some things, such as driving sober and the right speed for the circumstances, that involve the actions of the driver, other things pertain to how the vehicle is maintained. Some maintenance is routine while other types has to do specifically with the season.

An example of this is changing the tires on your vehicle to winter tires. These tires are made of a rubber containing specialized components that provide better traction. The components used in the rubber keep the tires flexible when others get hard.


According to the communications manager for the Rubber Association of Canada, cars are able to stop more quickly when tires are more elastic. This elasticity makes it possible for the tires to better grip and splay the surface. In addition, the grooves on winter tires are wider and have channels that are efficient at ejecting snow and draining water.

While research indicates the use of winter tires results in stopping distances that are up to 30 percent shorter than with other tires, according to one statistic, only 56 percent of drivers use winter tires. While the government is not opting to mandate the practice, some insurance companies offer small discounts on premiums to motorists who do so.

Regardless of whether winter tires are used, when a crash in the winter occurs that results in the death of a loved one and is due to negligence on the part of another, it may be possible to recoup damages from the negligent individual. This is accomplished via a wrongful death claim.