How to prevent car accidents this winter

November 16th, 2015 in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents


As the weather in Ottawa starts to change, residents should bear in mind winter weather presents driving challenges that don’t exist other times of the year. In some situations these challenges could lead to motor vehicle accidents occurring. Being prepared could reduce the risk of these incidents happening.

When driving in winter weather, it is important that the vehicle is taken care of properly. Accordingly, the vehicle should be inspected before setting off, to make sure the windshield wipers and tires operate as intended. Getting the regular mechanical checks and making sure the gas tank is kept full is also a good idea. Knowing how to check and add fluids or change a tire as needed could also prevent a bad outcome in the winter.


Before leaving for a destination, drivers should be aware of the weather and road conditions. When they are not good, thought should be given to postponing the trip. If the weather and roads are okay, sharing your route and when you anticipate you will arrive at your destination, might save a life should a crash occur.

If you do end up driving in a snowstorm, keep the mirrors and windows clear of ice, snow and fog, and follow the path of the vehicle in front of you while maintaining a distance between vehicles so that you do not collide. If you get stuck or need help, flash your brake and headlights. When your car is running to keep you warm while stuck, slightly open a window to keep carbon monoxide from building up is vital.

If a family member dies in a motor vehicle accident that is the result of actions of another person you may be able to secure financial damages for your loss. Since these cases are often complex, if you are considering this approach it is advisable to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.