CN Cycle for CHEO

April 22nd, 2015 in V&H News

Breaking News from V&H LLP:  On May 3rd, 2015, Vice & Hunter LLP partner, Bill Hunter, will be riding in Ottawa’s CN Cycle for CHEO to raise funds to help kids with cancer.  Childhood cancer is rare, yet every year at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), there are 75 new diagnoses. The children, youth and families who are confronted with a cancer diagnosis rely on the staff at CHEO to help them through this difficult journey. The goal is to raise $750,000.00 to offer hope and make a difference in the lives of the many children and youth who are diagnosed with cancer every year.

Bill is an avid cyclist and participates in various charity cycling events each year.  If you would like to sponsor Bill for this event, please follow the link below:{d02dd8f1af02dc2c261bf55a2af6b968d829d5e8b73f0ac0331ec1f1b248d41a}26Referrer{d02dd8f1af02dc2c261bf55a2af6b968d829d5e8b73f0ac0331ec1f1b248d41a}3dhttp{d02dd8f1af02dc2c261bf55a2af6b968d829d5e8b73f0ac0331ec1f1b248d41a}253a{d02dd8f1af02dc2c261bf55a2af6b968d829d5e8b73f0ac0331ec1f1b248d41a}252f{d02dd8f1af02dc2c261bf55a2af6b968d829d5e8b73f0ac0331ec1f1b248d41a}{d02dd8f1af02dc2c261bf55a2af6b968d829d5e8b73f0ac0331ec1f1b248d41a}252f