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Real Estate > Real Estate Litigation

The lawyers at Vice & Hunter LLP understand the purchase of real estate, which includes a family home, is often the most important transaction that Canadians will enter in their life time.

If you believe you have a legal issue pertaining to your real estate, the lawyers at Vice & Hunter can help you. We have extensive experience in the following Real Estate Litigation issues:

  • Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS), including
    • Litigation arising from Seller Property Information Statement (SPIS)
    • Latent / Patent Issues and Caveat Emptor
    • Realtor misrepresentation, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and commission disputes
    • Solicitor and Appraiser errors and omissions in real estate transactions
    • Breaches of APS including return of deposit and actions for damages
    • Failure to complete and close a transaction
  • Lease Issues, including
    • Application to Landlord and Tenant Board
    • Application for re-entry or forfeiture
    • Actions for relief from forfeiture
    • Lease default
    • Evictions/termination
  • Mortgage Enforcement, including
    • Power of Sale
    • Action for Possession
    • Discharge of mortgage application
  • Construction issues:
    • Home renovation issues
    • Registration and discharge of construction liens
  • Other Real Estate Disputes, including
    • Fence disputes
    • Condominium disputes
    • Actions concerning adverse possession, easements and restrictive covenants
    • Actions for nuisance, trespass, interference of enjoyment of real property
    • Actions for Partition and Sale