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Talk Show Host Sues for Termination

October 3rd, 2018 in Wrongful Termination


Former Canadian talk show host Mark Steines is suing over being let go from his latest gig. The Ontario media personality has launched a law suit for wrongful termination from the talk show, Home & Family. He claims he was fired because he supported two females connected to the show after they claimed to be sexually harassed by the show’s 82-year-old now former executive producer.

Steines alleges the elderly producer regularly made disparaging remarks to cast and crew members. Steines’ suit also suggests that the producer made comments that were sexually inappropriate regarding attractive female guests on the show and said he was appalled at the behaviour. In late May, the Hallmark Channel, which produces the show, said it had parted ways with Steines who had been the host since 2012.


Steines, however, wasn’t aware of that parting of the ways and showed up for work on the day the announcement was made. The company later issued a statement saying it was grateful for the work Steines did on the show and that shows evolve and change. Steines said through his representatives he had alerted Crown Media subsidiaries — defendants in the lawsuit — that the executive producer acted inappropriately, but claimed the company took no action.

Wrongful termination of employment can wreak havoc on a person’s life. Those in Ontario who believe they have been fired unjustly have the right to discuss their cases with a lawyer to see if a wrongful termination suit may be in order. A lawyer can help to gather convincing evidence, and they are familiar with the steps needed to be taken to protect a client’s rights. With the help of legal counsel, one may stand a better chance of obtaining a settlement.