Elder abuse in Ontario is on the rise

July 10th, 2018 in Elder Abuse


Unfortunately, it appears that abuse against elders is on the rise in Ontario. The Sarnia-Lambton Elder Abuse Awareness Network (SLEAAN) is doing its part to try to keep seniors safe, and they say that all people, regardless of age, need to take the problem more seriously. This abuse can come in many forms, including physical, sexual, financial, emotional or spiritual abuse or through neglect.

A SLEAAN spokesperson recently gave a talk at a local Kiwanis Club meeting about how to identify those who are suffering from elder abuse. What most people don’t realize is that when they treat an elderly person like a child, that too could actually be considered elder abuse. In addition, other forms can include not giving someone his or her medication, pilfering money or physical assault. 


Ageism seems to walk hand-in-hand with abuses suffered by some seniors. A recent survey showed that six out of 10 seniors indicated they’d been treated unfairly because of their ages. The same survey showed that one out of every five Canadians sees seniors as a burden. 

It’s a sad testament to society, but elder abuse does exist. Seniors who believe they have been treated abusively have the right to speak with an Ontario lawyer about the possibility of pursuing compensation for their pain and suffering. Likewise, family members of seniors can do the same. Elder abuse in all forms in unacceptable and against the law. A lawyer may be able to help matters by providing legal support and advice when these abuses cause confusion, fear and anxiety.