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Can lawyers help with dire injuries?

February 9th, 2016 in Spinal Cord Injuries


Few people who reside in Ottawa consider how quickly their lives could change if they are injured in an accident. When someone suffers a catastrophic injury—such as a spinal injury—they may find their lives are never the same. Among other things, it is possible someone who has suffered an injury to the spinal cord might find that they have lost feelings in their limbs, rendering them unable to do the things they once did.

Individuals who find themselves in this situation may not be aware of the importance of how their injuries are labelled by insurance companies. The label of catastrophic injury is important since it indicates the losses resulting from the injury are higher than other injures. While insurance companies might want injured parties to make this designation as quickly as possible, doing it too soon, before the extent of the injuries is yet clear, could be problematic. It could eventually lead to a lower payout in benefits.


A good way to prevent this from happening is to contact a lawyer for help in the matter. Taking this course of action before speaking with the insurance company could preserve your right to more money. Since the expenses tied to an injury deemed seriously enough to be categorized as catastrophic, can be great, in many situations this is advisable.

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