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Funds for kids and partial spinal injury

November 6th, 2015 in Spinal Cord Injuries


Following a spinal cord injury most people focus on securing the best possible care. This is important because in some situations that treatment can lead to significant improvements of the injured person’s condition, enabling them to use parts of their body they couldn’t immediately following the incident that left the person hurt. While it is important for people of all ages to do this, most would agree that because of the long life before them, it is particularly important in the case of children who are hurt.


Recently it was announced that Ontario is stepping up provide additional support to children in the province who are living with incomplete spinal injuries. Individuals who suffer from these injuries have some nerves that are still connected.

To accomplish this, additional funding will likely be provided by the Ministries of Children and Youth Services and Health and Long-Term Care. Those funds will be used to provide care to children with incomplete spinal injuries who have been discharged from the health care facilities where they had been receiving care.

Previously, after depleting family savings, families of children suffering from this injury had to seek funds from charities or try to get involved in studies to secure the specialized physio treatment needed. Depending on how the injury happened it is possible that the funds used to pay for treatment could come from another source as well—as successful personal injury lawsuit.

To pursue this route most families engage assistance from a personal injury lawyer who can help determine whether such a case makes sense and if it does, the best way to proceed.