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Guiding You Through The Local Planning Appeals Tribunal Process

Different ideas on how a community should grow and develop can cause frustration amongst builders, municipal officers and members of the local community.At Vice & Hunter LLP, we represent developers and municipal departments in disputes over construction and development plans.Based in Ottawa, we offer our extensive experience working with municipal laws to support clients in appeals before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (formally the Ontario Municipal Board).

Legal Services You Can Count On

Our lawyers can help when your proposed development plan is facing challenges such as:

  • Compliance with local municipal rules and by-laws
  • Land usage rights
  • Construction restrictions or limitations on roads, sewers or infrastructure
  • Environmental concerns

With over 40 years of experience focused on municipal law matters, we can help you:

  • Gather relevant information supporting your case
  • Apply the legislation supporting your case
  • Protect your interests while aiming for reasonable solutions
  • Keep your project moving and protect your investment in the project
  • Amend the proposed development plan, if necessary
  • Present your proposal at Committee of Adjustment hearings or planning committee
  • Appear before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal on any appeal from the approval or refusal of your land development application

A Customized Approach To Your Case

With our experience, we help you separate the noise and frustration surrounding land development issues to focus on the key points of contention that need to be addressed.

We’ve seen many different types of cases, so we can quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your plans, and offer a frank and honest opinion about your situation. Our firm will provide you with legal advice based on the facts of your matter, and how you can best pursue the outcomes you want to achieve.

Learn More About How We Can Assist You

Need more answers to your questions? Not sure how you can support your development plan? Contact Vice & Hunter LLP for personalized legal advice. Call 613-701-0898 or 866-252-0670 toll-free or fill out our online form below.